Life in Ottawa is expensive, there's no doubting that! The cost of living is constantly increasing and some expenses will never change. Luckily there are  things we can do to help lower some of our costs. 


A simple, but often overlooked, step in reducing cost is proper attic insulation. Homeowners who partake can see a reduction in energy bills by up to to 30%! You work hard for your money don't just let it evaporate in to thin air. 

Benefits to Upgrading Your Insulation

Lower energy consumption

Reduces energy bills

More comfortable home

Smaller footprint (lower environmental impact)

Prevents damage to your home caused by moisture

Extends the life of your roof

The Process

Seal Attic Hatch

If necessary, we install a new weather stripping, most of the time this item is not installed. This prevents air escaping from your attic hatch which can cause mold and mildew.

When you Choose Excel you Receive:

Family Owned and Operated Business

We take care of those who help us support our family!

Proper Project Management

We will not start an new project until yours is completely finished!

No Subcontractors

We only use our own force!

Open Often and Late

Our team works 8am-8pm six days a week making getting in touch easier!

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Proper Training

All workers are WSIB and WHIMIS certified and safety trained in Working at heights and Fall Protection.

A Green Company

We remove, dispose and RECYCLE waste materials from your home!


Site is maintained and cleaned throughout the project and NO bins are left in your driveway!

All Around Quality

Always above standard materials, installation and service!

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