Commercial and Residential roofing are our specialties and at Excel Building & Roofing Inc. we are on top of what matters most. With more than 50 years combined experience in the field you can expect nothing but the best in quality, workmanship and service.


A professional contractor is the key ingredient to any successful roof replacement or project. All manufacturers make quality materials, however it takes experience, knowledge and attention to detail to be able to install them properly and get the most out of the products being used.


When looking at replacing your roof multiple items should be considered. Our bilingual consultants are vastly knowledgeable and passionate about roofing. During your consultation we are upfront and honest about your roofs condition, we will give recommendations on what services your roof needs, if any, and a timeline in which they should be performed. 

When you Choose Excel you Receive:

Family Owned and Operated Business

We take care of those who help us support our family!

Proper Project Management

We will not start an new project until yours is completely finished!

No Subcontractors

We only use our own force!

Open Often and Late

Our team works 8am-8pm six days a week making getting in touch easier!

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Proper Training

All workers are WSIB and WHIMIS certified and safety trained in Working at heights and Fall Protection.

A Green Company

We remove, dispose and RECYCLE waste materials from your home!


Site is maintained and cleaned throughout the project and NO bins are left in your driveway!

All Around Quality

Always above standard materials, installation and service!

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How to tell if your roof needs some TLC

Replacing a roof can be a large expense, but not all visible damage means a whole roof replacement is immediately required. In the Ottawa region, if the shingles on your roof are 10 years or older you should have it inspected. If you're not sure of the age of the roof here are some signs that you might need some roof work done or a roof replacement.

Blown off shingles

Having blown off shingles does not necessarily mean your roof is due for a complete re-roof but it is definitely an emergency problem that needs to be addressed immediately. Bare spots are not protected at all from the elements and a simple spring shower can cause major leaks. Have your roof inspected at the same time as the repair.

Shingles curling and buckling

This usually occurs where you have the most sun exposure. If you see this on your roof it usually means the shingles tar line seal has been broken which leaves your roof vulnerable. Have a professional come look at it before winter so you don't have a spring surprise.

Shingle granulars in your gutters

This is also a very good sign that the roof's lifespan is almost over. Discolouration is another way you can tell this is happening.

Wet or weakened spots on your roof decking

Open your attic hatch and have a look, if you see buckling of the plywood, dampness of your insulation or even light coming through, there's a very good chance that you've already had some water infiltration. Don't wait until water has come through the drywall to do something about it, prolonged leaking will cause more unexpected and preventable damage to your home and wallet!


Roof metal valleys

These areas are the most concerning as they are the areas that collect the water and absorb heat which makes them more susceptible to water infiltration; if you see curling or deterioration in these areas please have a professional come look at it.





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