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Like shingles on a roof, siding is your homes first defense against mother nature. Siding not only improves curb appeal but also plays a vital role in protecting your home and lowering energy consumption.

How to tell if your siding needs some TLC

Bubbling or blistering


This happens when siding is exposed to heat and moisture. 


Obvious damage


Wind, hail and flying objects can all severely damage siding. If there is damage, the siding is no longer an effective shield for your home. Dents are less worrisome then cracks, however, both require your attention. Replacing the damaged areas is highly recommended.


Loose siding


There are a number of reasons why your siding may come loose over time, but no matter the cause loose siding cannot protect your home properly and needs to be fixed.


Issues within the home


Really high energy bills, paint peeling, wallpaper un-sticking, and even mold growth are just a few of the issues that can be related to siding problems. Have an evaluation done to determine the cause.


Curb appeal


Although definitely not an emergency situation, extremely old or outdated siding does have an effect on a homes resale value. A simple way to add curb appeal to any home is updating siding.


When you Choose Excel you Receive:

Family Owned and Operated Business

We take care of those who help us support our family!

Proper Project Management

We will not start an new project until yours is completely finished!

No Subcontractors

We only use our own force!

Open Often and Late

Our team works 8am-8pm six days a week making getting in touch easier!

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Proper Training

All workers are WSIB and WHIMIS certified and safety trained in Working at heights and Fall Protection.

A Green Company

We remove, dispose and RECYCLE waste materials from your home!


Site is maintained and cleaned throughout the project and NO bins are left in your driveway!

All Around Quality

Always above standard materials, installation and service!

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9-2020 Lanthier Drive, Suite 256, Orleans, ON K4A 3V4  |  Tel: 613-864-5047

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