Are you ready for more snow?

Due to the large amount of snow we have received in the last month, fluctuations in temperature (multiple freeze thaws over the last few weeks) and snow drifts we recommend you take a moment to assess the amount of snow on your roof.

Your roof trusses are designed to withstand 40 lbs per square foot of dead load (snow). Snow alone weighs approximately 20 lbs per cubic feet. If the snow accumulation on your roof is close to or above 2 feet high then it's heavier than your trusses are designed to handle because some of it is ice. Excessive weight on your roof can cause structural damage.

Winter should be about hot chocolate, snow angles and skating on the canal, not worrying about snow damage. If you feel that you have excessive snow, please give us a call so we can remove it properly without causing damage to your shingles.

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